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Big View = Big Windows = Big Problems

This article was written by a good California Realtor friend of mine and I thought my readers would enjoy it because it made me think of the oceanfront views people  want when buying Clearwater Beach real estate

Jeff points out some things people don't think about.  While that western sunset is beautiful it's important to know that there are some other things to plan for! 

The additional cost for most Clearwater Beach condos and homes is that you need to plan to protect those views with hurricane panels or storm protection of some kind. It's obvious at this time of year with all the hurricane activity we're seeing. 

Florida actually has a law that will now require all high risk properties to be protected to get insurance by 2011. I have a local expert planning to share more with us in the near future so stay tuned for more on that topic.

In the mean time - this is a great start when planning to buy your Clearwater beach property.  (Feel free to Search all Clearwater beach condos for sale now) 


Pacific sunsetMany buyers in the San Diego area are hoping for big views when purchasing a home.

Nothing wrong with that...and there are lots of great views to enjoy here in paradise. The ocean or San Diego Bay, the mountains, panorama, city lights, golf courses and lagoons are some of the things that folks want to look at outside big windows in their homes. And will pay for that opportunity.

There's a price for that.

Two prices, in fact.

Sunny sunOne, view homes generally cost more. You can't easily put a price tag on it, but typically comparable homes with views versus those without will enjoy a bigger price tag. How much depends on the view and what someone is willing to pay. Ocean views seem to be the priciest, and the closer you are to that beautiful blue sea the more costly. Could be a few hundred thousand dollars or more for a terrific ocean view versus none. Ocean frontage view can add millions.

Coupled with this is a desire for big windows. After all, a great view doesn't do you much good if you can't enjoy it through expansive glass, which in turn adds more interior light and a feeling of spaciousness. Homes with views are often built with large windows for this reason, or owners remodel to bring as much of the view indoors as possible, to meld the indoors and outdoors in true Southern California fashion. Understandably, floor to ceiling windows and glass doors are popular with those who have dramatic views. Some sliding doors can even disappear into the wall to truly bring that great view right into the house.

Sunny sunThe second price, however, for some view homes is the sun. And, more accurately, sun damage. This is especially true of our western-facing homes which have, as one would hope, fabulous sunset views over the ocean. Easterly facing homes, however, can get some pretty intense sunlight, too.

The impact of the sun on these homes can be dramatic:

  • increased heat in the afternoons, thus driving up the costs of cooling
  • significant bright light which can require the use of some short of curtains or shades in order to enjoy the space in the afternoons (which negate the view);
  • harmful UV rays which can discolor, and damage, flooring, carpet, furniture and artwork.

Sun is a hot issue

Technology has improved significantly in recent years with respect to glass, with options that allow one to reduce the glare, heat and sun damage. Curtains and shades have been available for ages, but new systems allow for motorized systems (shades, screens and drapes) that can respond to the amount of light itself (for both interior and exterior installation). Solar screens these days can block a large percentage of the ultraviolet rays and the glare but allow outstanding visibility of the scenery.

On the horizon? Manufactured glass (solar glass) that can generate electricity and still allow a significant portion of light through.

SunriseSome of these observations about large windows and sun might be rather obvious, and one would hope that folks who are buying these views might give it some thought, and prepare themselves to spend the money to protect their furnishings and art work, and deal with the heat and light issues they will inherit. I suspect many do not give it much consideration, or even think about it. They should.

And there is, of course, the opposite perspective -

if you have fabulous views out through huge windows, don't the folks outside have equally good views in?

My daughter shared a terrific article with me from the Wall Street Journal on this subject, which I just now read after writing this. I invite you to take a look. There are some valid points about big windows to consider. And a bit of humor. Quite frankly, though, I find it hard to feel sorry for the poor grad student in the $1.5 million dollar apartment whose $20K sofas were damaged by the sun, among other things resulting from her fab views. Not too bright (pun intended).

Views can be wonderful, but they come with a cost. Think about it.

Comment balloon 7 commentsCyndee Haydon • September 12 2008 10:27AM
Big View = Big Windows = Big Problems
This article was written by a good California Realtor friend of mine and I thought my readers would enjoy it because it made me think of the oceanfront views people want when buying Clearwater Beach real estate Jeff points out some things… more
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